Friday, June 11, 2021


The bad news: v.20 is still several months away.
The good news: v.20 is only several months away.
This is NOT YET a release, but we are fairly close. Here's how you can help:

I will be posting a list of albums I've managed to collect from various sources so far with updates from time to time until the torrent release.
- If there is something in the list that should not be there (unrelated albums), say so.
- If you have something that is not in the list (and not in the latest tlmc, of course), do share. Make sure to check these things first:
--- Ctrl-F my latest list and the comment section of this post to check if your album is not a duplicate. Search for smallest unique substrings, in case spelling is slightly different or wrong.
--- Good scans are always in short supply. Even if the album is in the list it might be missing scans. If you have the files, err on the side of asking/sharing.
--- I'm monitoring doujinstyle, so no need to announce or offer copies of their new uploads (unless yours is better, for example +scans or +log or 16/44). However, I could miss something out of their ~16k links, especially if it was not marked as touhou, so a double-check would be appreciated.
- If you can download from baidu, then check if touhou subsection has anything new.
- If you can download from baidu, please reupload links that I or anyone else will occasionally post here.
- If you cannot download from baidu, but have some baidu links of new material, then post and hope someone who can will reupload them.
The "new album" list could not only grow, but also shrink, if I discover files that fail decoding, have wrong content, are unrelated, etc. I don't expect many such problems, though.

In several weeks due time I'll add a list of all files and an archive of cuesheets. I'm still adding digital covers for the new albums and would like to go through all of the old albums without scans as well, if time permits.
I stripped personal comments temporarily appended to directory names, so some entries in the "new album" list may appear as duplicates of v.19, no need to point that out. This is not a problem: these are either new scans, additional scans, alternate scans, extra logs, or simply dupes I didn't compare yet.

If you're aware of a production-quality program that can extract JPEG content from TIFF files without bitmap decode-encode steps, let me know.

Every album that is assembled from separate tracks will have a "REM COMMENT built from tracks" or similar comment in its cuesheet. This is not bad and doesn't mean much on its own, it's mostly for bookkeeping purposes. Every single album built from tracks that had a single-file duplicate (with maybe one or two, literally, exceptions) was either content-wise bit-identical to its dupe or merely shifted by difference in drive offsets.

The smallest addressable unit in cuesheets is a frame, which is 1/75-th of a second or 588 samples (2352 bytes). If any length of a track in the album is not an integer amount of frames, then every track in that album cuesheet gets a sample-precision start and end comments, which makes it possible to recover exact audio data content of the files used, should you ever want it. It also means that either (far more likely) files were mastered directly for digital distribution, bypassing CD creation step, or (far less likely) some shitty software was used in the creation of that CD rip.

About 5% of files are problematic, with either sampling depth of more than 16 bits or sampling frequency of more than 44.1-48 kHz. These are mostly bandcamp releases. I'm still undecided on how to proceed with them. Will add a list a bit later.

If you were ever under impression that flac or lossless in general means untouched CD audio rip, sans an occasional artifact or two, then I'm here to disappoint you. At least one album that almost made it into v.20, but got accidentally caught by me, was postprocessed by the ripper. For more details you may read a comment that alerted me of this fact here, search for "destroyed". I downloaded both versions, the difference is clearly audible. Thanks to the "people" who decide to do this as if the audio weren't already loud to the point of clipping often enough, we can't be sure albums are really correct CD rips if they don't contain rip logs. Old Share/PD rips are less suspect because the average intelligence on the internet never goes up. I don't think it is a frequent occurrence, but still, if you reshare something then DON'T DISCARD THE RIP LOGS. I might try to scan all albums with cuetools if I find its batch mode, although rare CDs would naturally have no db submissions to compare against.

I still don't have a clear policy on sub-titles, which are album names transliterated into english (frequently in uppercase) and appended to the main title. For now I follow local consistency rules.

Many event labels are missing (trailing "[]") or have inconsistent spelling, this also creates perceived dupes. Ignore, it will go away soon.

I have an idea about a secondary supplementary torrent, which would include non-touhou albums of circles if they make up significantly less than half of that circle repertoire, so that by combining both you would get complete discography of a circle. It is definitely not happening any time soon. However, I don't delete unrelated albums I download (or find in and remove from the torrent), just safely put them away, so keep that in mind.

old v.19+ list for convenience (~6.5k lines), updated on 2021-06-11
v.19+ list for convenience (~6.5k lines) last updated on 2021-09-14
(includes proposed moves, renames, deletions)

old v.20 tentative additions (~3.3k lines), updated on 2021-06-11
v.20 tentative additions (~3.5k lines) last updated on 2021-09-14

old v.20 proposed moves and renames, updated on 2021-06-11
v.20 proposed moves and renames last updated on 2021-09-14

v.20 diff vs v.19 (10k lines) last updated on 2021-09-14


  1. Thank you.

    If I remember correctly, there is at least one album in TLMC that has 24bit depth (Dxtliant Child - Utopia Far East), is it also an issue? Or is it about merging them in a single file?

    I am all up for the idea of another torrent with unrelated material.

    1. When there was only one such album it was just a curious outlier, when there is suddenly a hundred of them the situation becomes a giant mess. Many albums are piles of files of two, three or more different combinations of settings, so I'd have to resample, which is (technically) not a lossless process.
      More importantly, keeping them promotes the insane idea of using higher-than-CD-quality sampling rate/bit depth.

    2. Innocent Key included some 24bit tracks with their IK-24 DVD.

      Here's few missing albums, data track for SSEB-0002 and some secure rips with logs of albums that are already on TLMC, but without logs: mega folder YVgQECaA#GB2JcjoL_0ksp6EwpqE7GQ

  2. To Reverse:
    ARAM-0028~9, ARAM-0032~3, ARAM-2108 from your last 3-batch are missing. I've got the audio from another source, but their scans are heavily compressed.

    1. Idk why onedrive keeps skipping my uploads, but if their scans are low quality(300KB) then we got the same archive. Uploaded them anyway.
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.03.17 ストロベリームーン [東方名華祭13]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.08.12 hide and seek [C96]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.09.22 LEGENDALY SOUNDS [幺樂団カァニバル!9]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.10.13 LUNATIC SOUNDS [東方紅楼夢15]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.11.17 四季の旅、風の調べ [第百三十四季 文々。新聞友の会]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.12.31 FOURSEASONS & BEAST SOUNDS [C97]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2019.12.31 ちょこふぁん BEST [C97]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2020.05.05 限定おまけCD② [C98]
      [猫乃塚]\2021.03.21 [NZCD-0021] TOHO SCHRANZ AGGRESSION [例大祭18]
      [森羅万象]\2016.10.16 銀河超夢重力エトワール [秋例大祭3]
      [森羅万象]\2017.10.22 Season 4 you [東方紅楼夢13]
      [World End Symphonia]\2020.10.18 Heliophobia [秋季大祭7]
      [laughing out loud]\2021.03.21 [LOLPR-044] lol project 044 Eastern Phantasm [例大祭18]
      [Casket]\2013.02.03 [CIXT-0008] 幻想パブ:午後9時15分 [大⑨州東方祭7]
      [Casket]\2013.10.13 [CIXT-0012] 幻想パブ:午後10時 [東方紅楼夢9]
      [Casket]\2013.11.03 [CIXT-0013] 幻想パブ:午後10時09分 [求代目の紅茶会(第3回)]
      [Casket]\2014.05.11 [CIXT-0016] Keeper/San [例大祭11]
      [Casket]\2014.11.02 [CIXT-0019] 幻想パブ:午後11時23分58秒 [科学世紀のカフェテラス(第4回)]
      [Casket]\2014.11.24 [CIXT-0020] Fest noz:Reter [秋例大祭]

    2. [幽閉サテライト]\2019.08.12 [YHST-0120] 月輪に巡らされた忘却 [C96]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2018.11.03 [YHST-0107] 万物の王
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2014.12.30 KanColle Jazz Sessions type SGB [C87]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2016.05.08 Toho Jazz Sessions type:SPB2 [例大祭13]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2018.08.10 Toho Jazz Connection Vol.4 [C94]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2019.12.31 Toho Jazz Connection Vol.6 [C97]
      [WhiTECHNO]\2012.08.11 [WHTC-0008.5] C82 無料頒布CD [C82]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2020.10.18 [CFCD-0021] 偶像サンクチュアリィ [秋例大祭7]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2020.12.06 おまけCD⑥ [草の根妖怪大会議]
      [ちょこふぁん]\2020.12.31 おまけCD7 [AC2]
      [神斬ゼロ式] っ´Д`)っゼロ式の家。\2012.05.27 [ZERO-TOHO-0001] 東方ファッキンガム宮殿 [例大祭9]
      [神斬ゼロ式] っ´Д`)っゼロ式の家。\2012.08.11 [ZERO-TOHO-0002] ゼロ式の速そうで遅くない少し速い紅魔郷 [C82]
      [神斬ゼロ式] っ´Д`)っゼロ式の家。\2013.08.12 [ZERO-TOHO-0004] Blessing [C84]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2018.03.28 [ANKM-0027] CADAVER/REVADAC
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2020.07.29 [ANKM-0036] Unfinished
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2010.05.09 The Vocaloid Jazz Sessions Vol.1 [ボーマス12]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2010.07.19 The Vocaloid Jazz Sessions Vol.2 [ボーマス13]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2011.06.12 The Vocaloid Jazz Sessions Vol.3 [ボーマス16]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2012.02.05 The Vocaloid Jazz Sessions Vol.4 [ボーマス19]
      [Baguettes Ensemble]\2014.08.17 KanColle Jazz Sessions [C86]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2014.05.11 [ANKM-0019] Signs [例大祭11]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2014.08.16 [ANKM-0020] affected [C86]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2015.04.26 [ANKM-0021] VAMPIR [M3-35]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2015.12.30 [ANKM-0023] REBIRTH Revisited [C89]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2017.08.11 [ANKM-0025] LIVE 2017 CD [C92]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2018.08.10 [ANKM-0029] 奇跡の平日 [C94]
      [Unlucky Morpheus]\2020.04.29 [ANKM-0035] 瀧夜叉姫
      [QUINTET]\2013.05.26 [QMCD-0009] CHILL NO WAVE [例大祭10]
      [QUINTET]\2015.05.10 [LCD-13] PRIMARY COLORS [例大祭12]
      [領域ZERO]\2015.08.14 [AREZ-0017] 魔幻空宴歌-MAGICAL ONE- [C88]
      [領域ZERO]\2020.02.27 [AREZ-2002] 東方空宴歌-FINALE-

    3. [Eternal Lives]\2013.10.27 [ELCD-0001] うつつとまぼろし [M3-32]
      [Eternal Lives]\2014.10.26 [ELCD-0003] 彼誰時の幻想都市 [M3-34]
      [Eternal Lives]\2016.10.09 [ELCD-0006] 只々緑は凡てを覆う [東方紅楼夢12]
      [COOL&CREATE]\2018.05.06 [CCCD-0050] オールナイト・オブ・ナイツ [例大祭15]
      [COOL&CREATE]\2020.06.26 [CCCD-0060] #幻想郷ホロイズム 通常版
      [CielArc]\2020.05.05 [CADC-0001] CielArc Air Comiket Limited Edition [C98]
      [COOL&CREATE vs IOSYS]\2015.05.10 [IOCC-0001] 東方爆まり大戦 [例大祭12]
      [豚乙女]\2014.11.24 [BUTAACO-0002] アコースティック楽曲集2 [秋例大祭]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2012.08.11 [IO-0229] 燃えろ!東方ブラスバンド生 [C82]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2012.12.30 [IO-0235] TOHO EDM [C83]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2014.03.30 [IO-0239] Nothing but the TOHO EDM [東方名華祭8]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2014.11.24 [IO-0277] Night Zealot – 東方JAZZROCK2 – [秋例大祭]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2014.11.24 [IO-0278] げきぴょす☆パペット [秋例大祭]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2015.05.10 [IO-0285] GENSOKYO DEMPA EXPO [例大祭12]
      [Innocent Key]\2010.12.30 [IK-15] 叙聖のクオリア [C79]
      [Innocent Key]\2014.08.16 [IK-29] いのたま [C86]
      [東方弦楽郷]\2019.08.12 瑠璃菊 [C96]
      [りらびえ]\2019.10.06 東方戯音録Vol.2 東方妖々夢編 [秋例大祭6]
      [はにーぽけっと]\2016.10.30 [HNPK-010] 恋綴里-第八話·上- [科学世紀のカフェテラス(第6回)]
      [はにーぽけっと]\2017.05.07 [HNPK-011] 恋綴里-第八話·下- [例大祭14]
      [ごんばこんなか]\2019.10.13 [GBCD-0024] ぬえのはなし [東方紅楼夢15]
      [Traumerei Fabrik]\2017.08.11 [TRFB-1006] Othello [C92]
      [monoROSETTA]\2012.05.27 [MONR-0003] Sweet Beat TV [例大祭9]
      [Ma-Hi-Te]\2019.10.13 [MHTt-0009] ハッピー×ウッド×イリーガル [東方紅楼夢15]

    4. [豚乙女]\2017.12.29 東方音ゲーBEST [C93]
      [豚乙女]\2019.12.31 ゲリラ2 [C97]
      [梶迫小道具店]\2012.09.09 [CJVK-0011] 公式が入院しました [境界から視えた外界 -廻-]
      [ユウノウミ]\2013.08.12 [IOY-0014] Toho Warfare:BLACK SWORD [C84]
      [ユウノウミ]\2013.12.30 [IOY-0015] Toho Warfare:BLACK SOUL [C85]
      [ユウノウミ]\2014.08.16 [IOY-0017] Toho Warfare:BLACK BRAVE [C86]
      [Under Reverse]\2019.10.06 into the blue [秋例大祭6]
      [LUCIOLE*CAFE]\2014.12.29 [LOCD-0005] Crystal Ending [C87]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2012.12.30 [PSYC-0008] Nouvelle Maliee [C82]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2015.05.10 [PSYC-0014] 紅魔都市のカスタリア [例大祭12]
      [Ridil]\2019.08.12 Fahrenheit451 [C96]
      [QUINTET]\2012.08.11 [QMCD-0007] Ex:SignumCrucis [C82]
      [LiLA'c Records]\2015.12.30 [LLEX-0011] BACK TRAX [C89]
      [LiLA'c Records]\2016.12.29 [LLAC-0025] TOHO SPEED -Vertex Tuned 2- [C91]
      [Casket]\2019.08.12 幻想ティールームExtra 2 [C96]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2014.12.29 [GLOV-0001] 幻想古今奇譚 [C87]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2015.05.10 [GLOV-0002] 東方幻鍵音 ~LOTUS GROOVE~ [例大祭12]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2015.11.01 [GLOV-0004] 玖蛮骸 [東方紅楼夢11]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2016.02.19 [GLOV-0005] Shinen [APOLLO 第3回]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2016.05.08 [GLOV-0006] 東方幻鍵音2 ~SOUND LYCORIS~ [例大祭13]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2016.10.09 [GLOV-0007] 神仙説 [東方紅楼夢12]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2017.05.07 東方幻鍵音 -outside- [境界から視えた外界 -至-]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2018.12.30 [GLOV-0015] SHARDART [C95]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2019.10.13 [GLOV-0018] Fanciful Creation [東方紅楼夢15]
      [Glassy-oceaN]\2019.12.31 [GLOV-0020~22] GLASSY:MEMORIES [C97]
      [太东]\2020.10.15 Touhou Spell Bubble Mini Soundtrack
      [死際サテライト]\2013.08.12 [SGSL-0017] PSYCHO EP [C84]
      [死際サテライト]\2013.12.30 [SGSL-1001] DEAD SILENCE [C85]
      [夢想夏月郷]\2019.08.12 [HICDS-0009] 西々音樂蒐2 [C96]
      [はちみつくまさん/ひえろぐらふ] hachikuma-hierograph\2008.05.25 [HKMP-OTO24] 東方風神譚 [例大祭5]
      [Rigune]\2019.08.12 Twinkle Comet! [C96]
      [SOS -Sound of Swing-]\2016.08.13 SOS with Strings [C90]
      [Variable Museum]\2019.08.12 Falling Star [C96]
      [Zephill]\2019.08.12 Rising Sun [C96]
      [ついったー東方部]\2019.08.12 [TWTE-0021] TOHOBU STG #6 [C96]
      [NCRADLE]\2019.08.12 [NCCD-013A] ファミコン実機音源で「東方妖々夢」第1集 [C96]

    5. [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2013.10.13 [PPPP-0005] KISS x6! [東方紅楼夢9]
      [SOUTH OF HEAVEN]\2019.12.31 [SOH-063] LAST RESORT [C97]
      [SOUTH OF HEAVEN]\2010.12.30 [SOH-0029] 東方ブラックエンド [C79]
      [signum/ii]\2014.12.29 [SGNM-006] エナジーアロー [C87]
      [signum/ii]\2012.12.30 [SGNM-003] effulgent Sign [C83]
      [MAD MIND MACHINE]\2016.01.17 [MMMS-0010] piece e.p [芳年少女弾幕祭 第2幕]
      [=NeutraL=]\2009.12.30 [NLCD-0028] 桜舞い散る夜の闇 [C77]
      [=NeutraL=]\2010.03.14 [NLCD-0029] toho trance mix 1 [例大祭7]
      [=NeutraL=]\2010.03.14 [NLCD-0030] toho trance mix 2 [例大祭7]
      [TatshMusicCircle]\2018.04.29 [TMCCD-031A] ELECTRIC GARDEN typeA [M3-41]
      [TatshMusicCircle]\2018.04.29 [TMCCD-031B] ELECTRIC GARDEN typeB [M3-41]
      [TatshMusicCircle]\2018.08.10 [TMCCD-032] FAR EAST OF EAST -XVI- [C94]
      [BLANKFIELD]\2015.12.30 Minstrel vs BLANKFIELD 2 [C89]
      [A.M.A]\2016.05.08 [AMAM-0001] Enthusiasm [例大祭13]
      [dat file records]\2012.08.11 [DATFILE-001] 萃 -好きなことをあつめてみた- [C82]
      [dat file records]\2012.10.07 [DATFILE-002] NICE OPPAI [東方紅楼夢8]
      [dat file records]\2013.10.27 [DATFILE-009] OVER-CLOCK [M3-32]
      [dat file records]\2014.05.11 [DATFILE-012] アリスプラス -alice plus alpha- [例大祭11]
      [C9]\2011.12.30 [C9CD-0006] Connected Words [C81]
      [dat file records]\2014.05.11 [DATFILE-011] 良い子のきたない東方アレンジコンピ「すごい」 [例大祭11]
      [dat file records]\2014.08.16 [DATFILE-013] Miniture One Floor [C86]
      [K2E†Cradle]\2021.06.27 [K2E-023] TOHO EURO TRIGGER VOL.11
      [ダシマキレコード]\2021.06.27 東方 SCHRANZ WARS
      [死際サテライト]\2013.12.30 [SGSL-0018] BURIED EP [C85]
      [死際サテライト]\2017.12.29 [SGSL-0032] MISERY EP [C93]
      [死際サテライト]\2017.12.29 [SGSL-1005] DEAD END [C93]
      [dat file records]\2014.10.12 [DATFILE-015~016] DE:Sync-404NotFound/302Found- [東方紅楼夢10]
      [dat file records]\2014.10.26 [DATFILE-017] TO-HO Hi-SPEED CLUB MUSIC ESSENTIAL vol.1.5 [M3-34]
      [dat file records]\2014.11.24 [DATFILE-018~019] 奥ゆかしいきたない東方アレンジ「エモい」 [秋例大祭]
      [dat file records]\2015.04.26 [DATFILE-021] 飯テロE.P [M3-35]
      [dat file records]\2015.05.10 [DATFILE-022~023] 初心者にも優しいきたない東方アレンジ「からい」[例大祭12]
      [dat file records]\2015.10.18 [DATFILE-028] limit 140 - TO-HO Low-SPEED CLUB MUSIC ESSENTiAL [秋例大祭2]
      [dat file records]\2016.08.13 [DATFILE-034] この世に福音と恩寵を齎しめる きたない東方アレンジ「尊い」 [C90]
      [非可逆リズム]\2014.11.28 逆行不能のMaximum limits!! [APOLLO 第1回]
      [堕武者+ultraviolence+]\2021.03.21 輝針残酷物語 [例大祭18]
      [Re:Volte (Scinicade (SonicRevolution))]\2014.08.16 [SORR-00117] 夢想色彩集2 BlackWing-鴉羽- [C86]
      [Re:Volte (Scinicade (SonicRevolution))]\2014.12.29 [SORR-00116] 夢想色彩集3 AuroraVision-極光- [C87]
      [dat file records]\2018.01.21 [DATFILE-045] init -TOHOTRANCE ARRANGE WORKS- [こみっく★トレジャー31]
      [bunny rhyTHm]\2017.08.11 [BRTH-003] 月平線~Lunar Horizon [C92]
      [群雨アンブレイラ]\2019.12.31 [MRSM-0021] with the light [C97]
      [東方事変]\2018.08.10 [THJH-010] prologue [C94]
      [天狗ノ舞]\2019.10.06 醒めない夜の踊り子たち [秋例大祭6]
      [S.C.X]\2016.11.18 [CTi08-RWi02] Chillout condiment [APOLLO 第5回]
      [Emotional Melody!!]\2011.05.08 Starry Sounds [例大祭8]
      [Casket]\2015.02.21 [CBXT-0002] Fest noz:Reter -2s [境界から視えた外界 -結-]
      [Casket]\2015.06.06 [CIXT-0023] Casket's special collection for Taiwan [例大祭 in 台灣1]
      [TAMUSIC]\2014.05.11 [TAM3-0116] TOHO DRAMATIC VIOLIN -enthusiasm- [例大祭11]
      [TAMUSIC]\2017.10.15 [TAM3-0165] 東方バイオリンロック 地-CHI- I [秋例大祭4]
      [TAMUSIC]\2019.05.05 [TAM3-0177] 東方バイオリンロック -QUALIA- [例大祭16]
      [Squall Of Scream]\2016.12.29 [SOS-001] I'll be right here [C91]
      [Kurage seek room]\2017.10.22 明日、極彩色の雨が降っても [東方紅楼夢13]
      [Kurage seek room]\2017.12.29 sick girl triangle [C93]
      [脱ト屋]\2013.10.13 [NDTY-0005] 気分妖々、奇々怪々。 [東方紅楼夢9]
      [少女理論観測所]\2014.12.29 [SRCD-008] Reversible Negophilia [C87]
      [少女理論観測所]\2016.08.13 [SRCD-013] ParallelEnd Observer [C90]
      [少女理論観測所]\2019.10.06 [SRCD-028] 東方Hyper Grooving Jazz Music Vol.1 [秋例大祭6]
      [はにーぽけっと]\2019.05.05 [HNPK-014] 恋綴里-第十話- [例大祭16]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2015.08.14 [PEST-0001] 花籠を照らす幻燈 -Petal & Shard- [C88]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2018.08.10 [PEST-0003] 非実在性プラネタリウム [C94]
      [last little while]\2016.05.08 again EP [例大祭13]
      [last little while]\2016.08.13 fade [C90]
      [last little while]\2016.12.29 Skyruin EP [C91]

    6. [錯乱のオルフェ]\2013.05.25 [IZW-001] Necro Fatalize/-Rayrain- [例大祭10]
      [錯乱のオルフェ]\2014.08.16 [IZW-004] dogmatic VAMPIRE GIRL [C86]
      [錯乱のオルフェ]\2016.12.29 [IZW-008] illusion is DEAD [C91]
      [Rolling Contact]\2019.12.31 [LOLI-00832] HEAVEN's SOUND EX-02 Unmixed Extra Tunes [C97]
      [CREST]\2014.05.11 [CRAD-0015] 東方AOR [例大祭11]
      [CREST]\2019.08.12 [CRAD-0030~31] Aria/Nocturne [C96]
      [CREST]\2019.12.31 [CRAD-0032] 揺星の輪廻 [C97]
      [さーくるばんばんしー]\2012.12.30 [BNST-0005] 秘封日和-ひふうびより- [C83]
      [Yonder Voice]\2011.08.13 [YVOMAKE01] 蜃景 [C80]
      [Ridil]\2015.03.28 [RDCD-002] 東方夢景色~Toho Dreamscape vol.2 [Comiket Special 6 - OTAKU SUMMIT 2015 -]
      [Ridil]\2017.08.11 秘封缶 [C92]
      [Ridil&ATMOSPHERIC]\2017.05.07 [APCD-002] Old Adams! 秘封×カクテル合同 [例大祭14]
      [NiZi RiNGO]\2015.08.14 [NZCD-T06B] 東方廻桜録 [C86]
      [Applice]\2016.05.08 [APLC-0015] BLIND BLUE [例大祭13]
      [ついったー東方部]\2013.10.13 [TWTJ-0007] BIRTH OF TWITTER TOHOBU :EARLY ARRANGES [東方紅楼夢9]
      [ついったー東方部]\2014.05.11 [TWTJ-0008] Jamais Vu [例大祭11]
      [ついったー東方部]\2016.08.13 [TWTJ-0011] FURTHER CURRENT [C90]
      [UNDEAD CORPORATION]\2013.08.12 [ANCO-0009] 暴君 [C84]
      [UNDEAD CORPORATION]\2014.12.29 [ANCO-0011] 兵 -つはもの- [C87]
      [UNDEAD CORPORATION]\2015.08.14 [ANCO-0015] 滅多斬 [C88]
      [UNDEAD CORPORATION]\2017.12.29 [ANCO-0020] 傾奇者 [C93]
      [豚乙女]\2019.12.31 まじっく・らんたん [C97]
      [twinkle*twinkle]\2015.05.10 [t*t-006] Fortune Music [例大祭12]
      [Rigune]\2018.10.14 Trick of treat! [秋例大祭5]
      [pastyle & Casket]\2013.08.12 [PCCD-0001] Druma 'gus dord [C84]
      [OrangeCoffee]\2010.12.30 [ORCF-0004] clockwork [C79]
      [OrangeCoffee]\2012.05.27 [ORCF-0005] brickwall [例大祭9]
      [OrangeCoffee]\2012.08.11 [ORCF-0006] azure [C82]
      [OrangeCoffee]\2014.10.26 [ORCF-0010] The Lounge Map Extra - night latte macchiato set [M3-34]
      [DualInsomiNa]\2020.05.01 [DLIN-003] 海芋花
      [Find Your Way]\2014.04.27 [KFYW-0004] BBB EP [M3-33]
      [Find Your Way]\2014.08.16 [KFYW-0006] UNOWN EP [C86]
      [Find Your Way]\2014.10.12 [KFYW-0007] REWRITE EP [東方紅楼夢10]
      [Find Your Way]\2014.11.24 [KFYW-0008] DOUBLE FAULT EP [秋例大祭]
      [Find Your Way]\2014.12.29 [KFYW-000⑨] TRUESTAR EP [C87]
      [Find Your Way]\2015.04.26 [KFYW-0010] HOMEWARD EP [M3-35]
      [Find Your Way]\2015.05.10 [KFYW-0011] I COULD COVER WHATEVER I WANTED IF I WANTED [例大祭12]
      [Find Your Way]\2015.08.14 [KFYW-0012] SECRET LYRICS EP [C88]
      [Find Your Way]\2015.12.30 [KFYW-0013] SECRET MIND EP [C89]
      [Find Your Way]\2015.12.31 SCRAPS EP
      [Find Your Way]\2016.05.08 [KFYW-0014] MOM EP [例大祭13]
      [Find Your Way]\2016.08.13 [KFYW-0015] CROW FLIES [C90]
      [Find Your Way]\2016.12.29 [KFYW-0016] BANDAGED EP [C91]
      [Find Your Way]\2017.04.01 [WYFK-0016] IF ALL'S POOR
      [Find Your Way]\2017.05.07 [KFYW-0017] REJECTION EP [例大祭14]
      [Find Your Way]\2017.08.11 [KFYW-0018] REHASH EP [C92]
      [Find Your Way]\2018.05.06 [KFYW-0019] WHAT'S GOOD [例大祭15]
      [Find Your Way]\2019.05.05 [KFYW-0020] FURTHER EP [例大祭16]
      [Find Your Way]\2019.12.31 [KFYW-0021] DRIVE 14 HOURS TO THE GRAND CANYON AND DROP YOUR SWITCH IN [C97]
      [Find Your Way]\2020.03.22 エア例大祭の何か [例大祭17]

    7. [minimum electric design]\2017.08.11 [ALMR-035] 0秒の主役 [C92]
      [Hyperdimension! x denshūto]\2015.08.14 TOHO DUALITY [C88]
      [Find Your Way]\2020.04.01 [WYFK-0021] lofi hip hop arrangement to relax-study to
      [Find Your Way]\2020.11.06 [KFYW-0022] FALL OUT GUYS
      [Find Your Way]\2021.04.01 [WYFK-0022] IDOL WORSHIP 2
      [Find Your Way]\2021.05.07 [KFYW-0023] SURT EP
      [denshūto]\2013.12.30 サングレイザー [C85]
      [denshūto]\2016.08.13 One Gleam
      [ClearLeMel]\2014.08.16 [CLM-0007] 祭夏 [C86]
      [幽閉サテライト×魂音泉×少女フラクタル]\2019.05.05 [TSOS-0001] 東方SOS vol.1 ~ Sign of Stars [例大祭16]
      [the distant journey to you]\2013.12.30 [DJTY-0001] Proof of Existence
      [the distant journey to you]\2014.08.16 [DJTY-0002] untitled
      [the distant journey to you]\2015.12.30 [DJTY-0005] untitled [C89]
      [the distant journey to you]\2016.05.08 never knows best [例大祭13]
      [the distant journey to you]\2018.08.10 [DJTY-0007] untitled
      [+TEK]\2016.05.18 Highly Responsive to FM
      [+TEK]\2017.08.23 Story of Modulated Frequency
      [+TEK]\2020.12.23 Phantasmagoria of F.M
      [KADOKAWA]\2015.09.30 東方外來韋編 Strange Creators of Outer World. 壱 Special CD
      [KADOKAWA]\2016.06.30 東方外來韋編 Strange Creators of Outer World. 弐 Special CD
      [KADOKAWA]\2017.03.02 東方外來韋編 Strange Creators of Outer World. 参 Special CD
      [ACG Band Live]\2014.07.26 Scarlet Garden -故郷の虚像- [FF24]
      [808sndmindbreak]\2021.01.07 Touhou Speed Bootleg
      [808sndmindbreak]\2021.03.22 touhou speed 2
      [808sndmindbreak]\2021.05.07 lolifagaidscanzer
      [40music]\2015.12.25 spacemiko
      [40music]\2016.01.08 幻想乡の二ッ岩
      [40music]\2016.01.17 Night Shuttle
      [11th hour]\2018.07.28 sealed world suite [Redditaisai 2018]
      [11th hour]\2019.07.27 cataclysm suite [Redditaisai 2019]
      [11th hour]\2020.11.11 suite ad astra
      [LiLA'c Records]\2013.12.30 [LLEX-0004] Sanctify [C83]
      [LiLA'c Records]\2016.12.29 [LLEX-0013] TSVT appendix [C91]
      [LiLA'c Records]\2017.05.07 [LLAC-0026] TOHO SPEED BEST TRAX [2013-2017] [例大祭14]
      [A-GEAR]\2015.05.10 星虹カレイドスコープ [例大祭12]
      [A-GEAR]\2015.10.18 我楽多再生 -ガラクタリサイクル- [秋例大祭2]
      [A-GEAR]\2018.05.06 Phantasmagoria [例大祭15]
      [上海アリス幻樂団] ZUN\2011.03.26 東方三月精 ~ Oriental Sacred Place 第2巻 附属CD
      [上海アリス幻樂団] ZUN\2016.12.10 東方鈴奈庵 ~ Forbidden Scrollery. 6巻 特装版 Music Track
      [Melonbooks Records]\2021.03.21 [MBCD-0078] 東方PARTYBOX RE-ARRANGE ex [例大祭18]
      [MANDALLIUM]\2021.03.21 Mismatch of Direction [例大祭18]
      [A-HEAD]\2014.08.16 誰が為の、 [C86]
      [556ミリメートル]\2014.08.16 [MMCD-0008] invincible - perfect beautiful girls - [C86]
      [556ミリメートル]\2014.12.29 [MMCD-0010] revolution -rising rebellion girls- [C87]
      [556ミリメートル]\2016.05.08 [MMCD-0017] 556mm nonstop megamix vol.02 [例大祭13]

    8. [SPACELECTRO]\2014.04.27 [SEDM-003] ボカロEDM [M3-33]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2014.12.29 [SEDM-008] 東方ボーカルEDM2 [C87]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2015.04.26 [SEDM-009] ボカロEDM2 [M3-35]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2016.04.24 [SEDM-012] ボカロEDM3 [M3-37]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2017.04.29 [SEDM-016] Sweet Dead Noise [M3-39]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2017.04.29 [SEDM-017] ボカロEDM4 [M3-39]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2017.10.15 [SEDM-021] 東方ボカロEDM3 [秋例大祭4]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2017.12.29 [SEDM-023] 東方インストEDM7 [C93]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2018.04.28 [SEDM-023] ボカロEDM5 [M3-41]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2018.12.30 [SEDM-028] 東方ベストEDM2 [C95]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2019.04.28 [SEDM-031] ボカロEDM6 [M3-43]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2019.10.28 STRaWBeRRY [M3-44]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2019.12.31 [SEDM-038] ボカロEDM7 [C97]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2020.05.05 [SEDM-041] 東方ボーカルEDM Festival Mix [C98]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2020.05.06 [SEDM-040] ボカロEDM8 [C98]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2020.08.09 [SEDM-042] 東方インストEDM14 [東方名華祭14]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2020.09.12 Vocal Collection Vol.1
      [SPACELECTRO]\2020.10.25 [SEDM-044] TOMAYOI [M3-46]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2021.03.21 [SEDM-045] 東方インストEDM15 [例大祭18]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2021.04.25 [SEDM-046] ボカロEDM9 [M3-47]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2021.04.25 [SEDM-047] Glow [M3-47]
      [A1]\2013.12.07 Native Beat [第12回 森羅万象ノ宴]
      [A1]\2015.03.28 [AONE-0029a] センヲコエテ TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.11 先行シングル [CS6]
      [A1]\2015.05.10 [AONE-0030] NECRO PHANTASISTA [例大祭12]
      [A1]\2016.04.24 [AONE-0035a] TOHO EUROBEAT 秘 Discover the Life [M3-37]
      [A1]\2016.10.09 [AONE-0038a] Lunatic Scarlet [東方紅楼夢12]
      [A1]\2017.04.02 Finale [東方名華祭11]
      [A1]\2017.10.15 Brand New Sky (Promo CDr) [秋例大祭4]
      [A1]\2019.12.31 [AONE-0053a] TOHO EUROBEAT Presents ムーンダスト (DJ Command Remix) [C97]
      [Ridil]\2018.05.06 [RDCD-008] 8246 [例大祭15]
      [極東アウトブレイク対策本部]\2021.03.21 [KTOB-004] 極東アウトブレイク 参 [例大祭18]

      new folder
      [ALiCe BoX]\2016.08.13 幻想パラノイア [C90]
      [AMONG THE GLOOM]\2018.05.06 [BFSG-0003] DISAGREEABLE GRIN [例大祭15]
      [AQUARIA MUSICS]\2014.08.16 チルノ式ぷろぐれ塾 [C86]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2021.07.18 [SEDM-048] 東方リミックスEDM4 [東方名華祭15]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2021.07.18 [PPPP-0030] クロマトグラフィードミニオン [東方名華祭15]
      [モヒカンサンドバッグ]\2008.05.25 [LIGHT-0001] MILD⇔LIGHT (LIGHT) [例大祭5]
      [東京アクティブNEETs]\2021.05.02 [ANCD-0035] 東方爆音ジャズ15 獣 [AC3]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2015.08.14 [ARZ-0001] Absolute One [C88]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2018.12.30 [ARZ-0014] Judeccaの騎士 [C95]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2019.05.05 [ARZ-0015] 住に単会のAntenora [例大祭16]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2019.08.12 [ARZ-0016] 明明白白Blacking [C96]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2019.10.06 [ARZ-0017] Code makes jeer,Sad to read [秋例大祭6]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2020.03.22 [ARZ-0019] 誰が言った?Honey,優しいケーキ [例大祭17]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2020.08.08 [ARZ-0020] アンロケイテッドヘル [秋葉原超同人祭]
      [AbsoЯute Zero]\2020.10.11 境界線のファンタジー [東方紅楼夢16]
      [給食頭蛮]\2021.05.23 [PRDT-0002] WEEKEND [幻想神楽5]

    10. [Accord on Codes]\2016.08.13 Swingin' Pendulum [C90]
      [Accord on Codes]\2018.08.10 Shade of your reverie [C94]
      [Accord on Codes]\2020.03.22 [AOC-011] EXtended Play Vol.01 [例大祭17]
      [Accord on Codes]\2021.03.21 Live2019 [例大祭18]
      [Adust Rain]\2014.10.12 [ART-01] TRAUMATIC SYNDROME [東方紅楼夢10]
      [Adust Rain]\2015.10.18 [ART-03] Nightmare Essence [秋例大祭2]
      [Adust Rain]\2016.10.09 Retroscope [東方紅楼夢12]
      [Adust Rain]\2017.05.07 [ART-05] Silent Snow [例大祭14]
      [Adust Rain]\2017.10.22 ライブの予習もしくは復習 [東方紅楼夢13]
      [ALIVE]\2016.12.29 Fate of You [C91]
      [Rolling Contact]\2021.07.18 [LOLI-0096] Cyberwack [東方名華祭15]
      [Adust Rain]\2018.08.10 内祝いEP [C94]
      [Alice in the hole!]\2013.04.29 [AITH-0006] SPIRITUALIZED STEEL [M3-31]
      [Alice in the hole!]\2013.08.12 [AITH-0011] Quadrophenia Pt.1 [C84]
      [Alice in the hole!]\2013.12.30 [AITH-0012] Quadrophenia Pt.2 [C85]
      [Alice in the hole!]\2014.05.11 [AITH-0013] Alice in the hole! [例大祭11]
      [Alice in the hole!]\2014.11.24 [AITH-0017] 東方宴会鬼~神社で格闘ドンジャラホイ~ [秋例大祭]
      [Alice in the hole!]\2012.12.30 Storm bringer [C83]

    11. [Alstroemeria Records]\2006.12.31 [ARCD-0017] りにあのうた2 [C71]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2007.12.03 Fly High [C73]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2016.12.29 [ARCD-0053] LOUD SPEAKER [C91]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2017.12.29 [ARCD-0063] POP|CULTURE 7 [C93]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2018.08.10 [ARCD-0066] ayame - BLACKLOTUS [C94]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2019.12.31 [ARCD-0076] FÄRGRIK - COLLAGE [C97]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2020.03.22 [ARCD-0078] ''PODIUM'' EPISODE03 -RETROSPECTIVE- [例大祭17]
      [Amateras Records]\2014.05.03 [AMRC-0019] Burning Ambition [砲雷撃戦9]
      [Amateras Records]\2014.12.29 [AMRC-0025] Hopeful Jasper [C87]
      [Amateras Records]\2014.12.29 [AMRC-0026] Unrequited Hearts [C87]
      [Amateras Records]\2015.05.10 [AMRC-0028] Amateras Records Best Vol.2 [例大祭12]
      [Aqua Blend Server]\2016.10.16 Like an Undine [秋例大祭3]
      [Armelyrics]\2019.12.31 クランベリートラップ/未来を刻む時計~miserable fate~ [C97]
      [Assaultdoor]\2014.08.16 DAYDREAM TUNES [C86]
      [Assaultdoor]\2015.05.10 奏乱絵巻 [例大祭12]
      [Assaultdoor]\2019.08.12 四季咲きの楽園 Ever Flowering Lotus [C96]
      [Frost Fragment]\2020.03.21 [ICEON-0009] 東方泣けるピアノ第四楽章 [例大祭17]
      [Ridil]\2015.08.14 Slowly 東方夢景色番外編 ~聖と夏のスローライフ~ サウンドトラック [C88]
      [Ridil]\2015.12.30 TOHO×FINALFANTASY 附属CD [C89]
      [Ridil]\2016.05.08 [RDCD-004] LE CARNAVAL -Paysage de reve- [例大祭13]
      [Ridil]\2017.03.26 電腦祕封EP -DEN NO HIHU EP- [境界から視えた外界 -至-]
      [Ridil]\2019.05.05 [RDCD-011] MUSIC OF THE 3RD EYE [例大祭16]
      [Rolling Contact]\2020.03.22 [LOLI-0084] Drop Of Drop [例大祭17]
      [凪の匣庭]\2015.03.09 FALL INTO THE ABYSS
      [Arnica]\2010.12.30 [ARNC-0001] Synchronicity [C79]
      [Azure&Sands]\2012.10.07 [ASCD-0012] 地獄スパ [東方紅楼夢8]
      [CielArc]\2016.12.29 Everlasting おまけCD [C91]
      [CielArc]\2017.08.11 Prismatic おまけCD [C92]
      [CielArc]\2018.08.10 [CAMA-0009] 幻想のプラニスフィア [C94]
      [CielArc]\2019.08.12 [CAEP-0004] 哀願のギルティ [C96]
      [CielArc]\2019.12.31 比翼のRising おまけCD [C97]
      [IOSYS] イオシス\2019.10.06 [IO-0323] ROCKIN'ON TOUHOU VOL.8 [秋例大祭6]
      [JinX]\2015.10.18 Phantom [秋例大祭2]
      [JinX]\2016.05.08 百鬼夜行 [例大祭13]
      [SPACELECTRO]\2020.10.11 [SEDM-043] TOUHOU BEST EDM 3 [東方紅楼夢16]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2014.10.16 [PNKR-0002] 番傘とショウジョウセツ [M3-34]
      [ぴずやの独房] Pizuya's Cell\2016.08.13 [PEST-0002] 箱庭アソビノ礼儀作法 [C90]
      [森羅万象]\2019.03.17 ふたりあわせ [東方名華祭13]
      [森羅万象]\2019.08.12 C96会場限定おまけCD [C96]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2003.12.30 [ARCD-0001] The regret of stars, but stars shine bright [C65]
      [Alstroemeria Records]\2008.03.23 [ARCD-0023] Our Little Miracles [ボーマス3]
      [Amplified Sound]\2016.10.16 Drawing The Rainbow [秋例大祭3]
      [Amplified Sound]\2017.08.11 Wonderland [C92]
      [Arca-NadiA]\2018.12.30 狂依存症のフィロソフィー [C95]
      [Ariflare]\2016.12.16 Hellforge Symphonies
      [Ariflare]\2018.10.07 Glacial Inferno
      [LOREM IPSUM]\2019.12.12 [PLHO-0001] Il Regno Del Sogno Invernale
      [Re:Volte (Scinicade (SonicRevolution))]\2020.03.22 即興曲「花蝶風月」さくら散る久遠の調べ [例大祭17]
      [Re:Volte (Scinicade (SonicRevolution))]\2020.04.20 東方入眠抄23 宵闇色のレゾナンス [C98]
      [Astral Sky]\2014.04.27 [UMCD-02] 鬼マキナ [M3-33]
      [Astral Sky]\2016.04.24 [UMCD-09] ほおずき妖魔夜行アレンジCD-EX- [M3-37]
      [Astral Sky]\2019.05.05 [ASCD-0004] Burnin' Shootin' [例大祭16]
      [Attrielectrock]\2012.05.27 [PAER-0048] Secret Garden [例大祭9]
      [Enforce]\2019.12.31 [EFCD-0007] Start or Lost [C97]
      [Enforce]\2020.05.01 [EFCD-0008] ENDEAVOR [C98]

    12. A day or two more and I'll tell if there were any problems with the latest batch.

    13. [Arts&Sounds:Utopia]\2019.05.05 REVENGE OF IDE [例大祭16]
      [BEYOND LESS Records]\2012.05.01 [BLR-001] CONCOR_DANCE
      [BEYOND LESS Records]\2012.11.14 [BLR-002] Splatter Dead Extra
      [Cursed Monastery]\2012.07.14 4 Souls in Sorrow -Remaster
      [Cursed Monastery]\2021.02.18 Trip to Sin - Touhou Compilation
      [mondorium]\2021.07.21 少女作業中 ~ Subterranean Animism
      [梶迫小道具店]\2013.12.30 [CJVK-0020] 雷禮来 [C85]
      [梶迫小道具店]\2017.03.26 [CJVK-0039] Grenze [境界から視えた外界 -至-]
      [梶迫小道具店]\2018.05.06 [CJVK-0045] EXB [例大祭15]
      [BLAPTOPHOBIA]\2018.08.10 [ANYH-07] 東方ロスト [C94]
      [Frozen Starfall]\2017.07.29 FROZEN SUMMER [Redditaisai 2017]
      [Sharp Eight]\2013.08.12 [SECD-010] RISE [C84]
      [Shisuka, Frozen Starfall & Saku]\2020.12.30 Ipse dixit [AC2]
      [SOUND HOLIC]\2019.12.31 [SDHC-0092] EUROBEAT HOLIC III [C93]
      [ラパパ茶話会]\2021.07.18 ほ~らいマドンナ夢みてる! [東方名華祭15]
      [少女フラクタル]\2021.07.18 [SJFT-0062] 不完全の命 [東方名華祭15]
      [梶迫小道具店]\2017.09.18 [CJVK-0043] 53 minutes for excursion [科学世紀のカフェテラス(第7回)]
      [梶迫小道具店]\2018.12.30 [CJVK-0052] CO-INTERDEPENDENCE [C95]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2019.05.05 [YHST-0117] 幻想万華鏡~花の異変の章~オリジナル・サウンドトラック [例大祭16]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2021.07.18 [YHST-0147] 永遠に君、想う [東方名華祭15]
      [針の音楽]\2021.07.18 [HARI-016A] やまとごはん [東方名華祭15]
      [BlossomNightfall]\2014.05.20 Enter the Illusion
      [BlossomNightfall]\2015.06.15 Infinite Emotions
      [BlossomNightfall]\2015.12.29 Cherished Delusion
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      [BlossomNightfall]\2018.07.30 The small Instrumental!
      [Frozen Starfall]\2016.07.16 Redditaisai 2016 Special Album [Redditaisai 2016
      [Frozen Starfall]\2018.07.28 Are you ready [Redditaisai 2018]
      [mondorium]\2021.04.18 少女作業中 ~ Ten Desires
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      [梶迫小道具店]\2020.11.22 [CJVK-0060] 壱肆壱
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      [Black Onyx]\2012.10.07 [BOCD-0009] Episode Of Infinity [東方紅樓夢8]
      [Black Onyx]\2012.12.30 [BOCD-0010] Superstar Anthems [C83]
      [BlossomNightfall]\2017.02.11 The Instrumental Vol. 1
      [Last Dream]\2014.07.24 D4WN
      [Last Dream]\2014.11.07 The Last Hours
      [Last Dream]\2015.08.14 Stardust [C88]
      [Last Dream]\2015.12.30 Collection of Dreams
      [マッコ屋]\2016.10.09 ドレアムスーデイルズ - Dream þú deyrð [東方紅楼夢12]
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      [C-CLAYS]\2015.05.10 [TOCD-0051] 蘇say -ソセイ- [例大祭12]
      [CLOCKWORKS TRACER]\2012.05.27 [CLST-0001] my sweet DYSTOPIA [例大祭9]
      [CLOCKWORKS TRACER]\2015.12.30 [CLST-0008] My Shattered Circles [C89]
      [CLOCKWORKS TRACER]\2016.08.13 [CLST-0009] Perish In Polaritia [C90]
      [Elemental Records]\2011.12.30 [ERCD-007] The Index~禁書~ [C81]
      [KADOKAWA]\2017.10.31 東方外來韋編 Strange Creators of Outer World. 肆 Special CD
      [TatshMusicCircle]\2018.12.30 [TMCCD-033] FAR EAST OF EAST -XVII- [C95]
      [荒御霊]\2021.03.21 Creator's Heaven [例大祭18]

    14. First rule of planning fallacy is that you're not immune even if you know about the planning fallacy.
      Confirmed downloading or having everything up to this post.

    15. [Camphor]\2010.12.30 [CAMP-0003] Camphor Music side create collection #3 Outpost [C79]
      [Cawaii Complex]\2018.08.10 Metamorphose [C94]
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    17. [歌恋人]\2017.01.14 [TMKR-001] アッパレ!!二人のモノガタリ/Another Eyes [東方ヒットパレェド@福岡 2017]
      [魂音泉]\2020.03.22 [TOS-056] Re:Raise QUINTUPLE [例大祭17]
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      [Nocturnal Aura]\2019.02.19 life aftermath
      [Nocturnal Aura]\2019.05.05 melancholy
      [Nocturnal Aura]\2019.07.16 アリス・マーガトロイドの日2019!
      [Nocturnal Aura]\2019.08.12 HELLMAN'S YOUKAI GIRL
      [Nocturnal Aura]\2019.12.31 東方beats to relax-study to
      [Nocturnal Aura]\2020.01.15 東方リミックス -Scarlet Mist-
      [Norowareta Night]\2020.01.18 RADIANT
      [SOUND HOLIC]\2021.08.21 EUROBEAT HOLIC -SEPARATED EDITION- [東方アレンジ活性化大作戦]
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      [東方事変]\2020.05.05 am1:00の待ち合わせ [C98]
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      [Amateras Records]\2021.08.28 [AMRE-0008] Kitten Festival e.p [夏の三週連続リリース 3/3]
      [DiGiTAL WiNG]\2021.08.14 [DWCD-0059] 裏 BEST OF WiNG YELLOW [東方ルナティックリリース]
      [DiGiTAL WiNG]\2021.08.14 [DWCD-0060] Overcoming Soul TOHO [東方ルナティックリリース]
      [槐安超特急]\2021.08.07 [DLSE-Exprs04] 螮蝀 [上海TH11]
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      [Amateras Records]\2020.08.16 [AMRE-0003] Special Smile
      [ClumsyRecord]\2020.12.21 the TOHO Creation EP ~Mountain of Faith~
      [Forest306]\2012.09.09 [F306-0010] STEREOTALK [境界から視えた外界 -廻-]

    18. [IOSYS] イオシス\2021.08.28 [IO-0332] TOHO BOOTLEGS 4 [東方ルナティック]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2017.12.29 [YHST-0083] 暁-AKATSUKI- Singles Best vol.4 ~コノ葉隠レ~ [C93]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2017.12.29 [YHST-0084] 残響は鳴り止まず/想いが歴史に変わる時/魂の語りに導かれて/漸う夢の如く [C93]
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      [The Oneiric Orchestra of the Unfindable Palace]\2015.12.12 Unlive Winter ~ Incarnadine Mind
      [The Oneiric Orchestra of the Unfindable Palace]\2016.08.05 Relinquished
      [The Oneiric Orchestra of the Unfindable Palace]\2017.11.02 Unlive Winter ~ Phantom Kind
      [The Oneiric Orchestra of the Unfindable Palace]\2018.09.01 Yearning Words
      [zetoban]\2018.05.09 GENSOKYO HIGH SPEED DREAM
      [zetoban]\2019.12.27 TOHO SYNDROME
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      [東方事変]\2020.10.18 論理演算子 WEB版 [秋例大祭7]
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      [幽閉サテライト]\2015.12.30 [YHST-0060] 幻想万華鏡~紅霧異変の章~オリジナルサウンドトラックvol.2 [C89]

    19. [Astral Sky vs. 非可逆リズム]\2021.08.28 [ASRR-0010] Re:End of a Dream -東方ルナティックリリース編- [夏の三週連続リリース 3/3]
      [FOX RAVEL]\2010.12.30 FINALE Vol.1 [C79]
      [fractanisharmonicoo]\2020.03.22 Confirmation:fractalized [例大祭17]
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      [hajime -saku-]\2014.12.29 [ha-0006] Fancy Snow [C87]
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      [HEKATONCHEIR BEATS]\2013.08.12 [HKCD-0006] ⇒Prick Trick [C84]
      [Herbivora]\2012.08.11 Herbivora [C82]
      [Herbivora]\2014.08.16 Dying E.P. [C86]
      [Herbivora]\2015.12.30 Gameholic [C89]
      [ピズニアン]\2018.08.10 [PZHL-0001] エクスプレススキマツアー [C94]
      [東方の乱]\2018.05.06 [THNR-0001] 東方の乱第一戦、演奏音記録 [例大祭15]
      [森羅万象]\2018.06.10 世紀末SOS [東方椰麟祭 第九幕]
      [森羅万象]\2018.10.14 チルノは覚醒サマーデイズ! [秋例大祭5]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2014.06.29 [YHST-0040] 温度差
      [幽閉サテライト]\2015.11.01 [YHST-0057] 色は匂へど散りぬるを 小悪魔りんご 手のひらピアニッシモ [東方紅楼夢11]
      [幽閉サテライト]\2016.02.27 [YHST-0061] レプリカの恋月に叢雲華に風東方歴絵巻アノ華咲クヤ [極・東方神居祭4]
      [fractanisharmonicoo]\2019.05.05 Re:Lease [例大祭16]

    20. It looks like the temporary speed burst coincides not with the start of the calendar month (which would be silly), but rather with the start of the monthly billing period, which, at least for your new share, seems to happen on the 5th day of the month. And then after the quota is exhausted the CDN falls back to ~1 MB/s throttled state.
      Downloaded or confirmed having everything until now.

  3. Reposting baidu links that need rehost:

    /s/1i4QlGCt -- [Rephonics] レタレイト
    /s/1miNXS4g -- (例大祭13)[TV SHOP ON THE SECOND FLOOR] 騒想者たち零
    /s/1cj8Ccg -- multiple albums, see below

    IRON ATTACK! (non-TH)
    TRNA-10012 IRON ATTACK! - 鉄撃三國志~SANGOKU ATTACK!~ [FLAC+Log].zip
    MIA-049 [M3-37] IRON ATTACK! - スペース・ギャラクシー [FLAC+Log].zip
    MIA-042 (M3-35)[IRON ATTACK!] 戦け!高砂の皇民よ ~Takasago Army~ (flac+cue+jpg).zip
    MIA-040 (C87)[IRON ATTACK!] その純舶に 赤き血を捧げ ~Raise a flag~ (flac+cue+jpg).zip
    MIA-035 (C85)[131230] IRON ATTACK! - 燃ゆる海原 ~Sail up~ [FLAC].rar
    MIA-006 (M3 大阪)(同人音楽)(ケイブ)[IRON ATTACK!] CAVE ATTACK! (tta+cue).rar

    IOSYS (non-th)
    [IO-0172] [IOSYS] 風音レゾナンシック (tta+cue+bk).rar


    logical emotion
    (C83)(同人音楽)[logical emotion]Touhou Project pops arranged instruments 3(wav+cue).zip
    [logical emotion]TRACKS[WAV].zip

    Innocent Key (non-TH)
    (C73)(同人音楽)[EAC][Innocent Key] Collapse of Vampire ~永遠の夜に抱かれる少女~ (tta+cue).7z

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. [IO-0172] [IOSYS] 風音レゾナンシック is in my torrent, but flac files.

    3. True. Flac is fine. I selectively downloaded your torrent (found a more complete iosys one), so dupe checker did not match that album.

      More links:
      /s/1jHIOlF4 -- perish in polaritia(flac+bk).rar

      If anyone can download from baidu, but doesn't want to bother with scanning acgjc content, then say so, I can pick links for you.

  4. Spotted a typo on this one: [ユウノウミ]/2018.08.10 [IOY-0024] Toho Maboroshi Stars [C94]

    The correct catalog number is IOY-0025, according to the CD on my shelf and the official website.

  5. I see that my rips (Moon War III SP and Immortality) have made it into here :D. Thank you for your endless work on this torrent!


  6. Here's my contribution:


  8. Sup´ rwx. Here's my small contribution:

    [C98] (SOS -Sound of Swing-) SOS with Strings [flac+cue+log+scans]

    i may upload another album from SOS if i found one.

  9. is there a personal contact method?
    (email or discord)
    i want to discuss the album comparison with you

    1. Unless it's something that requires privacy I prefer to conduct discussion in the open (here in the comments, for example).

  10. 梶迫小道具店 - ICONOCLASM from, bought myself and verified correct download with ffmpeg check.

    I was looking for quick anon style share, find this which is valid for 48h:
    Apologies for such short valid time, if you miss it place a comment and I'll try to find something better. Thanks!

  11. Do you still need a way to losslessy extract JPEGs from TIFF (such files are actually really called DNG)?
    I can see plenty of code in GitHub to do that, or I can write a few lines if needed.

    1. >Do you still need a way to losslessy extract JPEGs from TIFF
      I do. Many recent albums have covers as JPEG-in-TIFF. Now that I think about it I don't have significant objections to these TIFFs, however it's still better to have an option.

      >(such files are actually really called DNG)?
      From what I see in wikipedia about DNG it's a more broad concept.

      >I can see plenty of code in GitHub to do that, or I can write a few lines if needed.
      Thanks for the offer, but I really would like a library that was used by many people for a long time. There is enormous difference between such a library and a few lines of code, which would work in common scenarios, but error out (if lucky) or cause silent corruption (if not) in rare edge cases.
      Can you name the repos?

    2. I looked into this a bit more. JPEGs-in-TIFF are usually RGB JPEGs, which creates many problems. Although standalone RGB JPEGs do exist, support for them is very rare, so extracting them would make them far less readable than the TIFFs they came from. Also, since those are usually coming out of scanners, there's an ICC profile attached that's needed to correctly setup the colors. However, the ICC profile is attached to the TIFF container, rather than carried into the JPEG itself, so a correct extraction tool would have to repackage it, which will mean also non-destructively remaking the JPEG stream itself. It's not a job for a small tool.
      TIFF files may have a YUV colorspace, and they may have JPEG compression, which would solve the first issue, but still leaves the second issue. Also, TIFF files with a YUV colorspace are far far rarer, and definitely not made by scanners, and in fact, not even libtiff can handle them fully, since it always just converts them to RGB on output.

      So I'd really rather have the TIFF files left as-is. They're not that big of a pain to handle, maybe even easier than the many 13000x7000 JPEGs TLMC already has.


    [C73] 凋叶棕 & Timescope - 祭

    1. As you could probably see the album was already in the list, but you've made right decision to share anyways, as your version is a proper 16/44 CD rip, while mine is 16/48 with EAC comment, which means yet another monkey at the wheel turned on the resampler.
      Your version has a broken cue, but it doesn't matter much. Thanks.

  13. Replies

  14. [MBCD-0016] 東方PARTY BOX [例大祭13] is actually the third disk of [MBCD-0017] 東方PARTY BOX 博麗神社ver [例大祭13]

  15. Do you need these 3 pc-98 arrange albums from トリック・ノスタルジー? I have the Bandcamp digital release version.

    1. Here you go. The archive is encrypted, password is "e24e7d90" without the quotes.
      These are untouched FLAC downloads from Bandcamp. Aside from the music, each album came with a cover; 現樂団の往古3 ~ 束方 繪夢時空~ came with some more pictures.
      Tracks from 現樂団の往古2 ~ 束方懐幻想郷 ~ decode to 44.1/16, but the other two albums are sadly 44.1/24.

    2. Thanks, downloaded.
      Just a note: logging in to comment is slightly inconvenient for me (separate browser instance and other things), so when no one is actively waiting for answers I sometimes batch my replies (mostly out of laziness), like it happened with this comment.

  16. Need help getting "K2E†Cradle/[K2E-016] TOHO EURO TRIGGER VOL.04 [C97]" from
    In other news, google deprecated its "sites", which was a convenient 100 MB of direct-linkable storage. Nice job as always, keep it up.

    1. here

  17. Updated the dir lists. Estimated release date:
    10% : Sep
    50% : Oct
    35% : Nov-Dec
    5% : ...

  18. - so, this album is still not available?

  19. Few new CDs from this month: