Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TLMC v.13 (2012.02.29)

Update any finished Touhou lossless music torrent to the latest v.13 by following these steps:
1. Stop seeding the old torrent.
2. Put this python script in the root of your collection, that is, near the .7z file, and run it. Python 2 interpreter required.
3. Resume with the torrent below, download and seed.

There is also a matching collection of cover/booklet scans.

You might also be interested in supplementary materials: everything that came with touhou albums that is not an album file (.tta) or a cover scan (.jpg/.png). Typical files include cdextra, rip logs, lyrics, music sheets, omake mp3s, minigames, promotional videos, etc.

Touhou lossless music collection v.13 (1.1 TiB or 1 203 075 354 327 bytes).
Torrent file size is 6 361 628 bytes.
File list (0.8 MB), cue sheets (5 MB).

Touhou album image collection v.13 (32.4 GiB or 34 797 815 993 bytes).
Torrent file size is 2 576 203 bytes.

TLMC supplementary materials v.13 (15 GiB or 16 156 762 223 bytes).
Torrent file size is 1 165 000 bytes.

uTorrent still fails at opening the main torrent, use something else instead.
This torrent has 2 broken pieces. I say it was doomed from the very beginning.