Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A slight delay you probably shouldn't worry about.

Next torrent version is in a state I'm not entirely content with, but I'm willing to just add some finishing touches, share it that way and apply fixes in the version after that. Unfortunately because of circumstances outside of my control I will have much MUCH more important things to do with my free time in the next several weeks (I wish). However, after that I expect to plan to resume working on it and make a release.

Long version:
I happen to live in a certain country whose senile mass-murderer at the top decided to attack and invade Ukraine.
I spent most of the last week in shock (call me weak if you want), primarily because there was nothing I thought I could realistically do about it (call me slow if you want).
Right now I'm looking for job offers in other countries, but because of a strong and quite literally one-in-a-million preference[*], there is only one country (US) which at the moment satisfies it and it's neither easy nor fast to get in there and two moves are as bad as two thirds of a fire... but I digress.

If there's any western company which can offer permanent relocation + status adjustment, which needs a C/C++/Go/etc software engineer with 5+ years of job experience who also accidentally got a PhD in theoretical physics when he was young and adventurous, please don't hesistate to contact me at xmpp-jabber address rwx@headcounter.org or offer other contact channels here in comments that are more convenient for you.

There is also a slim, but worryingly nonzero chance that the scum in the Ministry of Censorship will completely cut off internet connectivity (and then blame it on the Evil West). In that case, OOPS.

One last thing. I don't think this warning is needed here, but just to be sure: pro-kremlin commenters will be shot on sight.

[*] I'm not telling what it is, but you can have this cute picture instead.