Friday, May 8, 2020

Proper GF battery chart

Yet another thing that was slightly bothering me about GF for a long time was wrong information about the effect dorms and their comfort have on collected batteries that is repeated everywhere. It was bothering me only slightly because I never had enough gems to go past 3 dorms. However, some time ago I got rich fast (in gems, not real life), so I decided to fix the issue.

Here is the chart. Horizontal axis is the sum of all dorms' comfort in thousands, vertical axis is batteries gained in 24 hours. Line color ~ dorm count.
Here is the raw data, if you're curious. Some extrapolations were made.

Note: if you enter any base facility between collections during the time condenser is active, then the gather time will be split in two and the amount you get will possibly be one less because of rounding down.

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