Tuesday, July 23, 2019

First Girls' Frontline guestopocalypse

Today during the maintenance I noticed an error in craft scraper log that I've never seen before: all login tokens were being explicitly rejected. This slightly scared the hell out of me, it could mean that my account, which I kept as a guest, was also in danger. After the mainenance concluded the error message didn't change, my own account was also locked out.
Well, shit.

I found Sunborn support address and sent them an email. At the same time I started to wonder how many melons and monthly rewards I'll miss before I get my account back, if I get it back, that is. However, first support reply arrived in 6 minutes. They requested information about my account that only the owner could know. Completely accidentally I had a table with all my doll/fairy levels and skill levels, so I sent them a screenshot of that. Then they asked for email to bind, sent a link there, the link gave me the password, I put all that into GF client and it logged in. The whole exchange took less than an hour.

Sunborn tech support: S-. They get "S" for speed/success in helping and "-" for confusing me by replying to my response to their email request with the same email (was my request erroneously routed to two supoort guys at once?) and then sending me two recovery URLs.
Sunborn backend operations: C. At least they didn't wipe all guest accounts completely. Unfortunately this level of total incompetence is so widespread in the industry, that the company didn't even find it necessary to apologize for their mistake.

I also had to reroll scraper accounts, which cost a couple hours of log downtime, but luckily I got all of them in just 15 attempts, with 30 being the expected value.


  1. And I am still waiting for an answer from Pixiv support 1 year and a half later...

  2. Had a similar issue awhile back with Langrisser on iOS. My feels go out to you.