Sunday, January 10, 2021

Princess Connect

Important notice 1: TLMC pre-release post soon(tm), the torrent several weeks after that post. Don't ask when, it's being worked on.
Important notice 2: Princess Connect Re:Dive [global] is available both in "32-bit" (ARMv7) and "64-bit" (ARM64) versions, don't listen to anyone claiming otherwise. Just visit some direct-from-google downloader like this, and pick SG Grand Prime (for 32) or SG Note 9 (for 64).
Important notice 3: Leapdroid won't run PCRD (some OpenGL surface issues). Bluestacks emulator, which I saw being recommended by many, contains a metric shitton of malware out of the box, be advised.

Just a short observation - if you feel like peeking at exact values the game uses internally, you should view its db (which is located in "files/manifest" app settings subdirectory; the one with the sqlite header). If, for any reason, you just want to refer to some data there without exporting it yourself, you may use this dump. I'm not sure I'll be sticking with the game for a long time, so I can't promise regular updates yet.

Based on the current db the game will be officially released on 19 Jan 2021 and clan battles will start on 10 Feb 2021.
First "focused gacha"' will be rateup for Djeeta.

20 Feb 2021 edit: Stopped updating the db dump on github.
The game turned out to be pay-to-win trash, wouldn't recommend it to anyone.