Saturday, November 24, 2018

Girls' Frontline Statistics

Putting a bit of "everything else" in the blog. This post is about a mobile game and applied statistics.
There will be absolutely no mentions of touhou (other than this one) in the post. Estimated time to read: 15 minutes.

Monday, January 1, 2018

TLMC v.19 (2018.01.01)

This is the 19th version of Touhou Lossless Music Collection torrent, current total file size ~1.75 TiB. Download and seed. If you have an older version, you can update it with this script (run the script in the torrent directory after stopping the old torrent but before starting new torrent). The script renames files/directories which had their names updated at some point in time - if you don't run this script you'll end up with some duplicates.
As always cuesheets are located in a separate 7z archive - when extracted into the torrent directory it places cuesheets in proper places.

Main torrent (7z with cues and *.tta files):
Touhou lossless music collection v.19 (1.65 TiB or 1 817 738 246 162 bytes).
Torrent file size is 9 604 641 bytes.
Magnet link.

Pictures torrent (cover/booklet scans):
Touhou album image collection v.19 (76.5 GiB or 82 153 065 676 bytes).
Torrent file size is 4 582 077 bytes.
Magnet link.

Supplementary materials (everything else - pdf booklets, bundled wallpapers, lyric texts, other extras):
TLMC supplementary materials v.19 (24.2 GiB or 25 978 962 058 bytes).
Torrent file size is 2 200 879 bytes.
Magnet link.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

What's wrong with bittorrent and what can we do about it? Vision of a next-gen p2p filesharing system.

In this short writeup I review the history of filesharing services, highlight weakness of currently most widely-used filesharing protocol (bittorrent) and propose directions for improvement.
Intended audience: anyone with an interest in p2p filesharing.