Saturday, May 13, 2017

What's wrong with bittorrent and what can we do about it? Vision of a next-gen p2p filesharing system.

In this short writeup I review the history of filesharing services, highlight weakness of currently most widely-used filesharing protocol (bittorrent) and propose directions for improvement.
Intended audience: anyone with an interest in p2p filesharing.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TLMC v.18 (2015.06.30)

This is the 18th version of Touhou Lossless Music Collection torrent, current size ~1.35 TiB. Download and seed. If you have an older version, you can update it with this script.

Main torrent (7z with cues and *.tta files):
Touhou lossless music collection v.18 (1.35 TiB or 1 482 171 635 871 bytes).
Torrent file size is 7 834 455 bytes.

Pictures torrent (cover/booklet scans):
Touhou album image collection v.18 (45.8 GiB or 49 216 533 345 bytes).
Torrent file size is 3 433 336 bytes.

Supplementary materials (everything else):
TLMC supplementary materials v.18 (17.4 GiB or 18 631 031 061 bytes).
Torrent file size is 1 572 957 bytes.

Additional links:
Touhou wiki
Touhou 01-14.3 Game OSTs (~13 GB) by rush_art
Touhou online music player (flash required)
Touhou mp3 DDL site