Sunday, July 7, 2013

TLMC v.17 (2013.07.07)

This is the 17th version of Touhou Lossless Music Collection torrent, current size >1.25 TiB. Download and seed. If you have an older version, you can update it with this script.
The cause of a one-week delay was a bug in XFS maintenance utilities, which reported filesystem error, while in reality there were none.

Main torrent (7z with cues and *.tta files):
Touhou lossless music collection v.17 (1.26 TiB or 1 390 550 098 097 bytes).
Torrent file size is 7 352 840 bytes.

Pictures torrent (cover/booklet scans):
Touhou album image collection v.17 (40.8 GiB or 43 811 340 502 bytes).
Torrent file size is 3 162 212 bytes.
Supplementary materials (everything else):
TLMC supplementary materials v.17 (16.6 GiB or 17 816 011 696 bytes).
Torrent file size is 1 487 909 bytes.

Additional links of interest:
Touhou wiki
Touhou 01-13 Game OSTs (~10 GB) by rush_art
TLMC v.17 cuesheets with replaygain (~1 MB) by Whinette
Touhou online music player (flash required)
Touhou mp3 DDL site

Oh, one more thing.

Happy Birthday, Hitagi!